Parish Life


Following the pattern laid out in Genesis 1, the Church “day” begins with sunset (“and the evening and the morning were the first day” —vs5). Vespers is celebrated the evening before Divine Liturgy, Saturday evening at 5:00

Divine Liturgy:

The word Liturgy literally means the “work of the people” as applied to worship—specifically, the service wherein the Holy Eucharist (communion) is celebrated Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. - preceded by The Hours.

Great Feasts:

Great Feasts are celebrated wtih Festal Vigil on the Eve, and Liturgy on the Morning of the feast. Other weekday services are regularly scheduled throughout the year. Please call the office at (970) 874-5225 for times of festal services.

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The Orthodox choir at Saint Andrew's consists of a small but very dedicated group of talented singers who do not bury their talents in the earth. The choir's goal is to lead our parish singing in prayerfulness and beauty, well-pleasing to God. May God bless our endeavors and accept our "sacrifice of praise".

Church School:

St. Andrew's has an active youth program. Gatherings are held regularly for book study, early church history class, movie nights, summer camp, and outings with the youth. Please see the Parish Calendar for more information.

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